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We have been in your industry, speak your language, and have direct, hands-on experience. We understand the automation needs of businesses, law firms, financial industries and corporate legal departments. Because we have been in your shoes we are aware of the potential pitfalls and problems you will face as you automate your business. More importantly, we can help you avoid them.

DDS has worked with Time Matters for 20 years and have the experience to help guide you in your implementation.

DDS was one of the original two companies certified by HotDocs and it has been a core of our services since day one. We provide template development, training and integration services.

PCLaw is a very robust legal accounting solution. Let us help you get your financial picture in focus.

DDS has developed a full programming interface to Time Matters. We are the developers of TMWorker, DDSLink and the Variable Cross Reference (VCR) for HotDocs.

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