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Practice Management Consulting

DDS has been working with Time Matters since 1998 and has implemented the solution in 350 law firms ranging in size from solo practitioners to 800 user firms. We use it to manage our business and can teach you how to use it to effectively manage your practice.

We have expertise with the back-end database, Microsoft SQL Server, so we can help you optimize your experience and implement controls to manage the technical side of the application.

We have also developed a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) which allows us to embed any advanced workflows which exceed the base capabilities of Time Matters. For example, imagine a default services firm receiving a referral to begin foreclosure proceedings against a delinquent borrower.

  • The referral is sent electronically and is captured by our web service without user interaction.
  • The data in the referral package (contacts, matter name, client, related parties, etc.) is parsed and automatically entered into Time Matters.
  • A title search is requested by selecting the appropriate title company and transmitting the request in any manner that particular title company requires; email, web service, fax, etc.
  • A ToDo is created in Time Matters to follow up on the title search in ten days and assigned to a user or a group of users based on your needs.
  • When the title is returned, we capture that event, save the document to Time Matters, mark the follow up ToDo from step 4 as complete and create a new ToDo for title review and assign it to the appropriate staff.
  • If this is a billable event for the matter, we create the billing entry with the proper billable amount.

All of this happens without any user interaction with the file!

We have the experience to help you with Time Matters. Tell us how we can help!